Rally computer is a GPS odometer app useful in off-roading with roadbook.

Rally Computer measures 2 distances :

• distance since last reset (TRIP)

• total covered distance (ODO)



The app can be downloaded from Google Play

Get it on Google Play


TRIP and ODO - Only most essential measurements

Big button - Easier to use during off-roading

Pause/Resume/Stop - Measurements can be pasused and resumed when needed

Kalman filter - Advanced filter used to smooth out the track. Improves accuracy

Export to Androzic - Export tracks to the navigation app Androzic

Quick distance adjustment - Allows to quickly adjust distance by a fling gesture. See below

Quick distance adjustment

GPS receivers are not accurate. Measured distance contains an error which accumulates depending on the length of the route, strength of the signal (bad weather, dense forest). Now you can quickly, using one gesture adjust the distance.